The SafeDeploy CI/CD Toolset


Find the updates that are available for your servers and applications


Capture and play back application activity streams


Compare activity stream execution across versions

SafeDeploy is a CI/CD and DevOps Tool that uniquely ensures that all pre-existing functionality works with an application update, eliminating failed canary and blue/green deployments.

SafeDeploy works by capturing the entire activity stream of an application running an existing successful production instance of that application. This activity stream includes all of the actions taken by all of the users (be they people or other programs) of the application.

 This activity stream can then be played back against any pre-production instance of the application. Automating this key part of the CI/CD process validates that all existing functionality will work with a new canary or with either the blue or the green instance that is next in line to go into production and eliminates manual regression testing. This allows enterprises to prevent failed canary and blue/green deploys, and avoid the painful impacts to online revenue, company reputation, and customer retention associated with these failures.

Key Features

Pricing: $99 per host/month