Safedeploy wins 3rd at The Los Angeles Tribune QUANTUM LEAP Summit

Safedeploy placed 3RD during the amazing pitch contest at the StartUp Hustle of the QUANTUM LEAP Summit on Feb 21th which was organized by The Los Angeles Tribune and Pitch Global.


“Winning the 3RD place (watch on youtube at 30:21 min:sec) in the QUANTUM LEAP summit is a huge accomplishment and showing our ongoing success.  We have to thank first Pitch Global and The Los Angeles Tribune to select us out of hundreds of applicants for pitching in front of that amazing group.  We are feeling very honored by the judges for giving us such a high rank.  Also, I have to thank our team for providing me with their astonishing support to be enabled presenting our solution,”

said Volker Dahm, CEO of Safedeploy.

About Pitch Global

 PITCH GLOBAL+GTS is your all access for networking with investors in Silicon Valley and beyond; it is the “network of networks” through which you can enter other global networks like Plug& Play, Keiretsu Forum, TIE, Singularity Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Cap, IVP, the Drapers and everyone who matters. 

About The Los Angeles Tribune

 A name that carries significance in the history of Journalism and Culture of Southern California, The Los Angeles Tribune is now new, different and a breath of fresh air and excitement in the world of Media.

 With a team of industry veterans, Journalists, Publishers and proud citizens we are focused on bringing a different option to the people. We do not allow any corporate or partisan interests to violate the fundamental integrity of what it means to be a reporter, here at The Los Angeles Tribune we emphasize this as part of our culture more than anything else.


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